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Insecurities, boundaries and courtesy

From my inconspicuous previous post you could probably gather there was a lot of frustration going through my thoughts at the time. There still is to be fair. But I am not irritated or as otherwise bothered as it might seem. I simply came to realise that certain things do not serve me anymore and it is time to let them go. This time of the year really is transformational one. For all of us. Things start and end all the time but May is really special time. I'm not just talking about exams here. Think about it. This time of the year is truly special. You change what you wear, what you eat, who you hang out with, you stay outside more, days are longer and warmer some relationships end, some new ones start, make new purchases and old sales... the list really goes on. I even get up a little bit earlier!

But let's not get to caught up in this spring-to-summer miracle and get to business at hand. Today I wanted to touch upon insecurity. I was always told to do scary things. Not dang…

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