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February Thoughts: The Chimp

Do you know your "monkey"? I have been introduced to mine a year or two ago and we have been trying to get along. It has been turbulent few months to say the least and the monkey started to take over again... for those unfamiliar what I am on about here, there has been some psychological research done in which concluded that we all have two separate brains: one the calm collected active and sensible and the other one emotional, insecure, lazy and impulsive. The second one is the one I call the 'monkey', more scientifically known as the Chimp Effect. 
Did you know I never read Legal Cheek's comments section under the article about this very blog. I didn't. I couldn't. I would not ever want to see what it says. Why? Because there is probably half of those who took their time to comment with pure bullshit. I do not have time, energy or mental space for it. This behaviour is a result of working together with my 'monkey' and not allowing it to be to…

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