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11 April

Today carries a certain significance for me. Nothing to do with Easter or moon cycles but where I found myself a few years ago. I don't post on or even check this blog as often as I probably should. I know there are a lot of you wanting answers, inspiration, motivation or validation. I had a number of emails about "breaking the system" or "leaving the mark". These are valid ideas. But are they worth it? Is trying to challenge the status quo needed? Or is our approach that needs re-evaluation? There is time for everything. If you think you can start and finish a revolution, I am rooting for you. But before you go ahead with overthrowing the 'system', have a good look at yourself before criticising the system. It took me a few years to understand that fighting is exhausting so one needs to choose well. 

There are stages to our academic and vocational suffering post failure. Wanting to blame others, believe conspiracy theories, suing asses to the ground, …

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