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The Art of Graceful Exit

It has been a while dear readers. Almost 5 months. I'm shocked you are still here to be entirely honest. I always look at the stats with a rather substantial disbelief. These stats are bound to increase now that some of you had your first round of seminars and are googling the dreaded words #failedbptc which turns out to be surprisingly commercial name. Might not sell as high "Thomas Cook" but there you go, potential for growth is all that matters.
Essentially, this could be a waffle on post. It is, after all, my speciality. It could be about the misery of the bar course, in symmetry with falling leaves and shorter sad cold days.... but I have something better for you: The art of letting shit go. It is difficult. Look at Brexit negotiations if you need to be convinced of how hard it can be. They have been pushing each other over for the better part of three years and where did that get them? What did they gain? Absolute fuck all. (Of course hot debates are on-going at t…

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