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Where are you going?

Isn't that the most common and intriguing question? We are all going somewhere right? We are at least supposed to be going somewhere. I overheard this on the bus the other day at 7am:

Driver: Where are you going?
Passenger: I don't kno, sixteen stops that way. I'm going to work mate.

The driver wasn't really that bothered about the detail he was provided with. He only really wanted to know if he should be charging this passenger for one trip or return.
What I found rather strangely fascinating is this guy's response to this rather open ended question in such early hours in the morning and how uncomfortable he was when he was saying it.

I can only assume that this bloke was not a frequent public transport user. Hence the "I don't knoooooo", but he did knoooo he knew it was 16 stops. He also knew that he was going to work right? So he knew more than he thought he knew. Buses are not as complex as they might seem at first but I do understand and can rela…

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