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"Baby turtles going for the sea"

Baby turtles going for the sea" very accurate analogy of where we are with the BPTC graduates vs. pupillages and tenancy situation. Discovered the same in the LC comments section. 

It inspired me and I would only add these baby turtles need to cross the road first. Think of M1 type of road with four lanes each way. 
Off we go baby turtle, look to the left, it is the financial 50t truck that might run over our baby turtle before it even embarked on the journey. Lane 2 is reserved for all the shocking statistics, nay sayers, peer negativity and overall odds not in favour. Our baby turtle avoids these as much as possible. Focuses on the positive side. Yet, takes the first hit if managed to swerve the truck. These stats are real and cannot be utterly ignored. Lane 3 is the bar school admission. This is relatively easy one to overcome. Our baby turtle picks up the pace. Lane 4 does not seem to be difficult at all, but life happens. Our baby turtle suffers some personal loss, but brus…

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