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Are some truths better untold?

Are some truths better untold? Can you hurt someone's feelings by being cynical? Yes, to both. 

The story is relatively simple. I thought I will be taking certain bonus home in the amount of "x" and then it transpired after a considerable delay, debate and speculation that actually it will be lower figure "y". I considered this bonus reduction to be the case of general perks of working for a corporation, discretion in that what is and what is not signed off, and possibly even a result of management wanting to make savings here and there.
So I got myself into a bit of a pickle when I quite directly expressed what is a common view of how and why employees think the decision was made. I also thought we will all be able to laugh it off and move forward. I thought wrong. Saga continues.
Lessons learnt: If you are self-employed you will not have that particular problem. Consider not elaborating on the bonus subject to the main guy at 2.30am on xmas do night. 

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