Be What You Want But Say Yes To Life

I am greatly inspired by people who seem to have this never ending source of energy. They are everywhere all the time. They are positive about everything and happy with any task. I really do aspire to be like this. Luckily, I have few individuals like this around me. That energy is contagious! This is what I tasked myself with today! I want you my dear readers to feel energised after reading this!

So once you decided to adapt and adjust the ways you are going about things. The next reasonable thing is to {it is time for Suits quote, don't you think?} "alright, lets litt this up!".

1. Do the Groundwork

But first a sip of water.

Now, let's imagine you are applying for this dream job or an internship or doing something highly important (but boring in your paralegal job) or something that you are not that interested in, but you know it contributes/leads to something bigger or better.

Now, think about how you are sat right now or what is your posture right now? Ideally you should be changing it if it does not allow you to move with speed and urgency. Straight back helps to breathe properly and we need oxygen don't we?

" ... primary-breathing muscles must have FREEDOM to do their very important work. When primary posture and breathing muscles are cramped and restricted, you process less and less oxygen. Less oxygen makes you feel more and more like slumping."

Once you have got your breath and posture in sync. What are you listening to? Get something on that gets you going. I randomly discovered once that whilst doing legal research, listening to the runners' playlist on Spotify actually helped me to go through the material faster - at least, it felt like I did it faster. I do not have scientific explanation to support this proposition, but hey, give it a shot and see what happens!

I know few people (including myself) who are pacing around the room when rehearsing something (usually cross examination) or whilst on the phone. This idea of moving around has been associated with creativity - isn't that what you need whilst trying to come up with an answer to these application questions? Come on, get a piece of paper, a pen and start walking around.

2. Paramount

And I have always wished that for myself. And now, as you graduate to begin anew, I wish that for you. Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.”

There are many interpretations and spin offs of what exactly was meant by Steve Jobs. I think you will have your own interpretation.

Just like I have my own. Let's start with this blog. How foolish was setting it up? I will tell you: extremely. How foolish is it to believe that the BSB will be actually bothered by anything written on here? Pffff probably they haven't even bothered to read. But what was the key objective? It was to raise awareness. Have I achieved this? I am achieving it everyday. Have I got frequent readers? Yes, I have. Is this going to be adapted as a book one day? I have no idea about any such plans at this moment. Are you getting the point yet? Do you think Steve woke up one day decided to sell phones and knew that his company and products will become what they are right now. He surely had a vision and worked on it everyday, but he did not know shit. He took a risk and it paid off. There were others telling him to stay away from phones and focus on computers. He did not listen and did it his way. Ask yourself who/what defines "normal"? Who/what defines "foolish"? Think beyond what others think or teach you and think for yourself - that is when you stay foolish because you do not quite fit into the definition of "normal" anymore as you are challenging the common view. So you are "foolish" instead. Whatever they call it, be what you want and do not compromise your ultimate goals.

Hunger here is a metaphor for wanting to achieve more, craving improvement, strive towards greatness and being eager to learn new things. So you did this dream job/internship application or whatever that task you were doing was. Congratulations. Now what? Now you are onto your next thing! Set your next goal! Write it down! Get those new ideas, write them down too. Then get out and do these amazing things which contribute to and bring you closer to your ultimate goal.

How hungry are these guys?


  1. You're rock! It's ideal to be yourself don't let anyone feed you with bad energies and vibes.

    Be who you want, live life to the fullest. Set your goals and smash them.

    I recently published an article on Finding True Happiness and I think it's a good fit for your article.


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