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Oh the debates... what would we do with out them? I think there would be some sort of silent world peace? All the technicalities and attempts to swerve the proposition being made... But enough about twitter discussions.

This post will be about what does it mean to have a purpose in life and does it help you with overcoming failure? I know, I know big topic but why not?

I am sure you are well aware of dictionary meanings of "failure" and "success" but for my experiment purposes I reproduce these definitions again.

Meaning of "failure" - lack of success or the neglect or omission of expected or required action.

Synonyms: lack of success, non-success, non-fulfilment, abortion, miscarriage, defeat, frustration, collapse, foundering, misfiring, coming to nothing, falling through, negligence, remissness, non-observance, non-performance, dereliction, omission, oversight; fiasco, debacle, catastrophe, disaster, blunder...

Originated from Anglo-Norman French "non-occurrence" and "cessation of supply"

Meaning of "success" - the accomplishment of an aim or purpose; the attainment of fame, wealth or social status.

Synonyms: favourable outcome, successfulness, favourable result, successful outcome, positive result, prosperity, prosperousness, successfulness, affluence, wealth, riches, fortune...

Originated form Latin "come close after"

Have you noticed meaning of failure appears to be broader? Would you ever have thought that you are as likely to fail BPTC as you are likely to pass? If someone told you "don't bother" would you listen? Are we really in the business of promoting self doubt to tell people not to pursue opportunities that are supposed to be out there for everyone? And even if told about difficulties, aren't humans designed to be adversarial?

Hmmm, hold that thought.

Now, could it be possible to merge these two definitions of success and failure a bit and see the BPTC failure as in fact a success. I gave myself a big task here and I am determined to make BPTC failure look good (on the student). Can I reasonably say that failing the BPTC was the best thing that happened to me and the best of best it yet to come? I can and I will say exactly that. I am saying this because it was very savage and expensive way of re-focusing on the goal and significant attitude re-direction. How's that for self reflection? Hours of mediation right there.

The sole reason I am still on the topic, when everybody "normal" went on to do something else is precisely because of my "purpose". Or at least what I understand it to be.

The funny thing is when you know it and understand it, there is no stopping. By not quitting you stay true to it. What I always knew (this has never changed) that I wanted to be in legal profession to help people, make a positive difference in their lives and I wanted the respect and recognition that comes with it. That purpose guided my decision to apply to University, to graduate from it, to go out to the world to pursue the career at the bar and... behold...  it also guided my decision to start the BPTC.

That's why "health warnings" do not work!



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