Launch of Life After Failed BPTC Blog

The day has finally come. You get your BPTC results! An hour, a day or however long delayed. But never mind. You open the email. As it is loading you are about to faint. You cannot really describe how this moment feels, but it certainly feels like an infinity. Eventually, the email opens. You see a table with your BPTC modules, percentages and grade classifications... and the scenario you did not want, did not expect or ever thought it can actually happen to you: NC [Not Competent]

Yes it happened. You are officially the world's biggest fool. You handed over 14-20k to a commercial provider of your choice and your life is crushed there and then. You have no money and no qualification, the game theory -5 -5 scenario. In the following days you realise who your friends are and how uncompassionate people can be. Generally, your life goes up in smoke in the following weeks so get ready!

This blog is about the BPTC biggest taboo - what happens to those who did not make it, because of "that" one module or "that" one mark/percentage that separates "us" from them. It is my mission to prove that it does not matter in the end whether you failed or passed because the real life lesson begins after this course for all of "us": lunatics who decided to pursue career at the Bar of England and Wales.

In the following weeks I will be looking to cover various aspects of the result "Not Competent" aftermath and the conclusion is this: it is going to be awesome if you decide to see it this way. There is a life after failing of the BPTC!


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