Operation Pupillage

The most challenging thing about my new highly motivated life was to look these pupillage statistics and either see them differently or not to look at them at all. Can tell you right away, not looking is not the answer. One cannot just ignore the reality. But one can choose how to see it and looking on the bright side might just be the answer. Every year there is 400 people who do make it!

Harvey: Do you know how we won World War II? [...] Eisenhower had 156,000 men for eight possible invasion points. Which means...
Mike: 19,500 men per point.
Harvey: Otherwise known as nothing.
Mike: He had to put everything that he had into one attack. Normandy.
Harvey: So the question is, where the hell is our Normandy?

 - Suits

So you have approx. 400 possible invasion points, but it is the concentration of force on only few or even only one that will win you this war. Where is your Normandy?

Let's say it is Matrix Chambers.
(Views are my own, no success guaranteed, no endorsement from Matrix)

Here's my tactics plan for inspiration:

I deliberately selected Matrix because they are very clear in what they want from themselves and from you as an applicant. Tons of information is on their website but it is in digestible, user-friendly format. In my view, they are the definition of what modern Barristers' Chambers should look like.   

Step 1: it is good to know the basics from the "Overview" section and the recruitment procedure. Tailoring the application to what is required to be demonstrated, is a separate matter, which demands a separate tactics plan, but it is vital to get into their "Core Values" as part of Chambers' research, because it gives an insight into how they operate on daily basis. Ask yourself who are these people and do you share their motivations?

Step 2: See if you can establish what their achievements are. Pick few cases from the news section on their website and look into them in order to follow what happened and how Matrix were involved. Catalonia UN Challenge is my best pick because it matches my interests. For this one, I would do broader research not necessarily for application purposes, but for my own curiosity purposes and if I were to be invited for interview and further blessed with an interviewer who worked on the case... Well, I am just making my own luck here!

Step 3: From achievements you should be able to gather what their assets are. It will always be their members and staff plus everything else they stand for. They would not exist without their people. Look at individual profiles, what are they doing now and what were they doing before?

Step 4: Finally, what are they trying to achieve? They quote their mission statement on their website of course. But form your own view. Wouldn't getting involved in "Access Programme" also mean that promotion of equality and diversity is at the very heart of what they do, in order to give back to the society?   

Step 5: Look into what others are saying. Is Matrix delivering on their promise? Could you deliver on their promise? Do you want to deliver on their promise?

For this year applications are now closed. Interviews are starting in a matter of few weeks. So if you have got one, the best of luck to you!


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