Operation Pupillage

Due to the popularity of my Matrix Chambers post, I thought I could produce another one! This time I take on Doughty Street Chambers.

Let's say a word or two about the founder: Mr Robertson QC or "The Great Defender":

- Clients include: General Pinochet (the dictator of Chile), Julian Assange, (the founder of WikiLeaks)
- The first (and last) advocate to appear in the Revolutionary Military Tribunal of Mozambique
- Former U.N. appeals judge for Special Court for Sierra Leone
- Author of Crimes Against Humanity: The Struggle for Global Justice
- Represented Norfolk Island in the battle against Australian Colonization...

... the list goes on, there is so much more to say! Over 40 years of extraordinary achievements, landmark Human Rights cases, death sentence appeals and remarkable publications. It would truly be an honour to work alongside such a fighter and inspirational character, who doesn't slow down even in his seventies!

Let's look at what he built chambers-wise: 
(Views are my own, no success guaranteed, no endorsement from Doughty Street)

Step 1: from quick scan of the website, it is clear that chambers have strong national presence (3 offices) but it is the office at the Hague that captured my attention. The Hague is the centre of international law. It makes sense to have a base at the heart of the international part of the city and rather conveniently 7 minutes walk from the Peace Palace. Straight away gives an indication to you as an applicant that their international presence is not just an empty claim.

Step 2: Achievements - I have a confession to make here, I got so distracted by reading about the founder that I neglected achievements of chambers. But fear not, there is plenty to read too! I picked up on the most recent one at the time or writing: event in Manchester about issues women are facing in the criminal justice system. Good for us it is all over twitter! #DoughtyStWomen
And "This is water feminist looks like" written on their water bottles!

Step 3: Assets - it will always be their people! There is over 100 of them and they are organised into 5 areas of practice. Looking at pupillage structure, they provide a 'pupil buddy' who along side with a supervisor (who will change every 4 months) provides support and "pastoral care".

Step 4: Goals - commitment to human rights, commitment to representing vulnerable. Note their selection criteria refers to "dedication"! What does that make you think about? They are and they want to recruit real fighters, who can go out to the world and make it a better place in their commitment to civil liberties and welfare.

Step 5: Others saying - Bar Pro Bono Award 2017, Legal Aid Barrister of the Year, Rising Star in Youth Justice... these are just recent ones.

I feel inspired just reading (and writing) about these guys, their monumental achievements, remarkable dedication and kick-ass attitude.

Applications on Gateway, opening in the summer.



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