Operation Pupillage

Today is the day to draw some flowcharts involving Guernica 37 International Justice Chambers Pupillage Application.

Very new set with focus on the victims and accountability as their central value. I departed from my usual research steps on this one - first I needed to know what they name means, why they chosen it and to grasp the significance of it.
My search for interpretation of their name quite unsurprisingly began with reading on the history of the Guernica bombing in 1937. It was one of the first crimes against the humanity and a deliberate attack on a civilian target of no real military value. It was carried out by German air force. According to one historian’s account, “the destruction of Guernica was planned as a belated birthday present from Göring to Hitler, orchestrated like a Wagnerian Ring of Fire”.

I can only guess from co-founders' Spanish roots that they chosen this name to also pay their respects to the victims and remind of the historical significance of the attack.

Chambers is still very new and so achievements of the founder seem to be ascribed and achievements of the set. But of course the associate members bring in their international law expertise as well. Notably all six of the associate members are at different stages in their respective careers. From the recent news I see that there was book publication on the situation in Bangladesh.  
Slight criticism here, whilst most of the website news and profiles are in English, some of the website is in Spanish. It is sometimes translated to English/Spanish and sometimes it is not, it makes it harder to navigate for both non-Spanish or non-English speakers. It would be so much better if there would be one website in English and a separate one in Spanish. I know this is what everybody is doing and it is common and not inventive at all, but it makes it so much easier!

Sound like a broken record now when saying it again and again that their assets will always be their people. Well, look at what their co-founder said. Immediately, her words went on my list of quotes. We would not need to take care of anybody had there been no abuses in the first place. But of course it is future outlook. As for the situations here and now, where damage has been done already, chambers has a significant footprint in the world's crises.

G37 pupillage application deadline for this year passed already, but was advertised on Gateway.


Background photo from Chambers' website


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