What is it with this Snowflake generation?!

What is wrong with you all? You have problems and you dare to talk about it? No! You cannot buy a house? Stop you Snowflake! You don't have sensible employment straight after completing your University course? Oh stop whining!

You are supposed to be or FEEL offended, in order to prove this scientific theory to be true. But you are supposed to not argue back in each and every one of these propositions, because the same theory tells us that you are also sensible. You just should be bothered by all these things we are all being collectively criticised for and are allegedly guilty of.

I don't agree or disagree, whether it is true or not but some say that "Snowflakes" are fragile and ...
  • Emotionally vulnerable
  • More likely to get offended than any other generation
  • Less resilient
  • Live at home with parents for longer
  • Have inflated sense of their own uniqueness
  • Have sense of entitlement  
  • Have higher self-esteem
  • Better behaved
  • Demand safe spaces
  • Oppose rebellion
  • Boring and sensible
  • Babies unprepared for adult life...

Is that to say that by the definition we are all collectively overdramatising bunch of instable, fragile and dependant people, yet full of themselves individuals wanting privileges to come their way who also are boring and sensible?


The thing is about all generations is that each one is different from the other and the previous one has impact on the next. No other generation can possibly tell us whether they would be any better in our shoes nor we can say anything about what we would be like in theirs!

I love the name "snowflake" because it has more than one meaning and I am in the business of re-defining.

1. A flake of snow, a feathery ice crystal, typically displaying delicate six-fold symmetry.
2. A white-flowered plant resembling the snowdrop.

The scientist are on about the snow, but guys, we can redefine this theory and be flowers if we want to! Snow comes and goes, and we are here to stay. We will be retiring much later than our predecessors at 70, 75 or 80? Whichever meaning you choose to go with, the definition of what being a Snowflake is supposed to mean is rather contradictory. At the end of the day, we are the generation who will need to live with the consequences of Brexit. We will need to tidy up the mess Trump inevitably leaves behind. We will also need to get used to actual snowfalls in England, because climate is changing rapidly and snowfalls will be more frequent occurrence in our region!


P.s. who's fault is the climate change anyway?

Photo source: http://photographyblogger.net/16-enchanting-pictures-of-snowflakes/


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