But they did not tell me this!

Funny thing is that people never tell you what you actually need to know. Such as the procedures that are not in your contract, or their intentions or anything that could be useful? This inspired me. The result is fascinating. It is amazing actually because I typed in the above proposition-title into Google and the stuff that came up... there are movies and novels about things never told... That must be why my hair is so full! It is full of secrets! No, but really, my hair isn't full at all, of secrets or otherwise. The topic of the day are things nobody told you and it might be useful knowing.
Contestant number one 5 Things They Never Told Us making an interesting suggestion that we are all idiots doing things and have nothing figured out. I do agree. But I must add this isn't the most motivating and uplifting way of perceiving life. But hey, it is still true!
Contestant number two moves away from High School and focuses on Things My Mother Never Told Me . For the record, my mother has told me a thing or two from that list. But some of these are true gold:
  • "Forget about the perfect man — he’s living in San Fran with his boyfriend."
  • "It’s when our world is at its darkest and our pain at its deepest, we find grace".
  • "Only you define the boundaries of what is possible."
Let's turn to the Things Your Should Never Say To Your Boss most of these are common sense such as keeping your true feelings about yet another meeting to yourself or asking your boss a question such as "Is this really your dream job?". I am imagining my former former former manager's face if I'd asked that... 
That awkward one. I found it. I think it might appear off the theme here. But it is highly important and there never is a good timing for this Things You Should Never Say to a Grieving Person . Yes, from personal experience I would strongly encourage general silence, that will allow to minimise family arguments over who did didn't do what and where, when were or weren't they, or what is or isn't their fault.  Then there is this condolences nonsense. I really am not a fan. What happens is that people whom you haven't seen for 20 years suddenly feel the need to come up and say how sorry they are. The diplomatic and tactful way is just to accept it and move on, but my preference would certainly be that they wouldn't bother.  
On that note, let's go back to the work-related topic and Things Successful People Do That They Will Never Tell You . The biggest and the simplest one is positivity. One side of this particular coin refers to being positive when things aren't so great and the other is about being around positive people. As we know there is this new theme on my blog, new beginning and all that, but just a quick mention will not hurt to re-emphasise the point: cut out the negative people out of your life! It will get so much better!
What if the most negative person is you manager? Well, then you might want to know few things about starting your own business . "It includes risk. It includes losing money. It includes losing friends. It includes losing your mind. A lot of people will question you, a lot of people will envy you and a lot of people will admire you. At the end of the day, none of that matters." The best thing I read today! Happy Friday my Friends!!

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