Do you have a hobby?

Better do! I very much despised this question for some time and as it turns out it is rather important one. It wasn't until someone relatively senior said to me: "you don't have a hobby?! You need a hobby! You need some balance...". I have heard this before, of course. But on that particular occasion it hit me. It was few years since I had a hobby. How unbelievably sad is this? It was only at that point when it got to me. I was so behind on hobbies that now I have eight of them. Yes, I had to write them down and count!
There is neurology science behind this as well. Participating in hobbies allows certain areas of brain to light up, this in turn has positive health effect, feeling of relaxation and centering. Psychology says that hobbies allow to "recover" from work and improve work performance.
Here are fun hobbies:
1. Geocaching
2. Flash Mobbing
3. Genealogy
4. Class Jumping
5. Charity hobbies
I had no idea the first two are even a thing. Well they are! More can be found here .
The 3 rules of a side project/hobby: Low-risk, low-pressure and love. Hobby does not need to generate any income or have a deadline. All it needs to be is enjoyable some ideas:
  • Drawing / painting / photography / illustration / design
  • Selling online
  • Write a book
  • Reading
  • Start a blog
  • Taking lessons e.g. language
  • Volunteering
  • Meditation / Tai-chi / Yoga
  • Hiking / Bird Watching / Fishing / Surfing / Archery / Scuba diving and snorkelling
  • Traveling
But what if deep down you are an artist really? Some highly creative hobbies include:
  1. Handlettering: Calligraphy, brush lettering, typography
  2. Baking
  3. Zine making
  4. Making art
  5. Book binding
  6. Risograph printing
  7. Floral arrangement
  8. Jewellery making
What about successful women hobbies?
  • Michelle Obama is running
  • Condoleezza Rice is golfing
  • Angelina Jolie is collecting things such as stamps or novels
  • Oprah Winfrey is reading
  • Nicole Kidman is gardening
  • Anna Wintour is playing tennis
  • BeyoncĂ© is watching reality TV
  • Invisible Girl is dancing
Consider what could help to forget working day and unwind so to speak. Maybe you already have a neglected hobby? Another great idea would be to go to a 'hobby store' and just have a look around. No need to buy anything but inspiration is everywhere!



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