I really should be busy with the monumental task of typing in numbers into the monumental spreadsheet, but it is Monday and I wanted to write about routes. As a continuation of my previous "goal" and "adaptability" related posts. I am pretty sure I touched upon it before. Possibly few times about finding different ways of getting to the same destination. I found this photo and thought, what if there is "only" one road but very complicated one? Well...

How complicated is this road?

Isn't it awesome?

Could it be possibly more complicated? Yes, it could be. Is it possible to ditch the vehicle and climb the mountain? Absolutely. It wouldn't be easier but it would be more fun. But let's get to the point. Anyone ever thought about all the amazing things you could do before you get to the Bar of England and Wales? Well, I have. Because I had no choice. I had this nice plan LL.B, BPTC, paralegal job, maybe another job and pupillage. How lovely? But the universe forced me to reconsider everything. I therefore sat down one rainy day and wrote out all possible routes I could think of. By no means this is comprehensive. I am sure there is far more to add...


In this day and age one needs funds ;D ah yes the money issue. Parents are not listed because they weren't my option. The option I chose was employment and long term saving plan. I did try scholarship too, but that didn't go very well. Bank loan is a killer. Student loan too but still better than a private bank loan. There are rumours that student loan is an option for BPTC combined with LL.M.
As to qualifications, there is 152 ways of varying the same things. The most interesting one will be the new two-part BPTC some are claiming it will help all of us! Only those eligible after the first round of exams will proceed to the next. Sounds like a fairy-tale? I really want to see it happen. I really do, no sarcasm here. I only wonder how much are our commercial providers are going to charge for 3 exams? 12 thousand? 15? I guess we will find out when we get there.
The foreign route. Oh this one is interesting. More in depth research is necessary before going ahead with this one. But it is always an option to go to another wonderful country with your LL.B and take bar course/exams over there, right? To this day I wonder why I didn't come up with that few years ago. There are 50 states in the US and they all have slightly different requirements for their respective Bar admissions. Then there is 7000 Caribbean islands, 13 of them are sovereign states, 17 are dependant but significant part of the Caribbean is common law based. There are other interesting parts of the world too!
This is my favourite one: experience. I remember the times when I was applying for 541651 paralegal vacancies and most of them wanted people with experience. I remember thinking that I will never have any experience unless someone actually decides to take on someone without any experience? This was three years ago. Right now, I can cross out six of those things on the list, the other are my new goals. And that's how I believe it should be done, pick one, get it and move one to the next. Don't sit in your paralegal job for too long, learn what you need to and move on to your next thing! Whichever route you choose, keep moving forward my friends!



  1. It was interesting to read about your experience. I know that I’ll also have to face many obstacles in order to pave the way for my legal career. For now, I’m only concerned about the Bar exam that I’ll be taking in a few months, so I’ve joined one of the popular Bar Review Courses to prepare for it.

    1. I am glad you found something interesting here! Very best of luck. Be sure to share your success with us in few months.

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