Are you done?

Are you done? Yes! I am finally done! It took over 3 years or quite possibly over 7 years, but I am done. And I feel enormous relief! Do you know what my problem was?! I wanted to save the world. Do you know what I can't do? Save the world. It is soo far gone it cannot be saved unless it decides to save itself. So I'm going to save me and run away now.

The reason why I was holding on to this idea of saving, so tightly for so long was because I had no other idea as to what I could do instead. My caring approach knows no limits... how sad?  I still don't have an idea. I have no clear goal people?! What now?! But also what I no longer have is fear of nothing.  Of not having an idea. Of not having a goal. My new fear is this fear of misery. Of being so fucking sad and unhappy in your life.

This has been a long time coming. I know what's next will be amazing. Because I finally feel like I am doing the right thing. No doubt. No fear. No failure. I came from nothing. I have nothing to lose only to gain. Busy being awesome.

And that is my friends how it is going to stay. I shall keep you posted.


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