The results post.

Started writing it in June. To make sure I didn't miss anything out. But still, not entirely sure what you would like to hear. I will tell you as it is then: Congratulations. Your results will not matter to you in a month and to everybody else they will never matter. Most interviewers will not even ask about them and just asssume you have them. Results on their own will not get you a job. Poor results do not mean that you will not find a job. No one is really impressed by them. You will not discuss those with your fellow employees next to the water fountain. You will need to celebrate these of course! It is a great achievement! Get them framed. Enjoy. But real life and real work starts now. Now that you have your qualification, what you do with it is the most important going.

So what's the plan?

How much I dislike that question, I will never be able to emphasise enough. But whilst some people have every right to ask, you have no obligation to have a plan or even if you do have one, to keep them fully briefed about it. You already know what you want! You would not get to where you are otherwise. You don't need to sing and dance about it. All you need is be honest with yourself.


  1. Hi there, i have the same similar situation as you. I have also failed the BPTC. It is indeed a painful experience, especially when you see your friends embarking their new journey, being a lawyer, getting a pupillage. I have asked myself many times, whether if i should give up being a lawyer all together. A lot of people just do not consider in re-doing, especially the fear of failure. Then early on in January, I have decided to re-take the whole course again, however I got rejected at the end. Honestly, i am still in this confusing state , and it is mentally challenging to get rid of the failure of bptc. Because, even if you would like to get a job, people will question, have you done the BPTC? And I would hesitatingly answer the question and said I have attempted twice. I honestly get how you feel. Hope to hear from you soon.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I am grateful and proud that you decided to share your situation with me!

      We don't owe any explanations to anybody. I get it, it is very weird, awkward and uncomfortable moment... what do I say, truth, nothing but the truth, semi-truth or flat out lie? My suggestion to you when you are asked this awkward question would be to own it! You did it, it failed, you are onto your next thing. But the next thing though... I started with hobbies. I didn't have them whilst BPTCing. The moment BPTC was over I had a lot of free time which needed to be spent in a productive manner. Started small with drawing, blogging and then baking. Whilst all of this is great, I found it to be a temporary solution. It delayed the inevitable question: "but what am I actually doing about the bar"? Right now, not much. I need to take this time for myself to figure it out how I want to do it the next time. What we both know is that whatever we did when taking the course for the first time, did not work. Before attempting the bar exams again we must change our ways. And I have every faith in you, myself and others who found themselves flushing 20k down the toilet to be able to make wiser choices the next time.



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