New Beginning

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” — Seneca 
It feels like I made a full circle...

Here posts of me essentially ranting about the course and describing my post-BPTC experiences can be found:

1. With Rising Popularity Comes Greater Responsibility
2. Masters in Legal Professional Ethics: Abilities, Morals and Uncomfortable Truths 
3. Game Changer
4. Definitions, meanings, purposes and alternatives 
5. Run for your life and mind the gap: the Bar School. Is London worth it?
6. This is Rome! ... and we are gladiators!
7. (My personal favourite...) Why is BPTC a sham?
8. Get ready: You have no friends out there!
9. Launch of Life After Failed BPTC Blog

What is amazing about keeping record of this experience is that I really do believe it can help at least one person and this is when my mission is/will be accomplished. Now, as previously mentioned, I will be taking this blog creature under this very inconspicuous and marketing-difficult name to the new dimension of motivational content!



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